UniControls is an internationally recognised top class supplier of control systems and a range of associated services which builds its success on stability, reliability and long-term cooperation with its customers, employees and partners.



To be the key domestic provider of special ICT services expanding significantly abroad. To develop a range of our own products intended for specific customer needs.



  • Orientation on the customer
  • Perfect fulfilment of demanding wishes and needs of the customers
  • Continuous expansion of knowledge and skills
  • Pragmatic management and positive motivation of the company employees
  • Cooperation with the academic community



  • Regarding the customer relations – We want to be a desired ICT services provider.
  • Regarding the company tradition – We want to maintain the current service portfolio.
  • Regarding the company employees – We want to be a popular employer.
  • Regarding the future – We want to grow.
  • Regarding the suppliers – We want to be an attractive partner.
  • Regarding the shareholders – We want to be a reliable profit-maker.





The primary goal of the company are customers who are satisfied with the quality, technical safety, high level of reliability, and timely delivery of our products. We focus on the assurance of quality and technical safety of our products during their entire product lifecycle, i.e. from assessment of the customer requirements to post-warranty servicing and product disposal. In order to meet these goals we will start to build partnership business networks, including efficient marketing.


To assure high quality of the procured inputs for the manufacture of our own products by strict selection of suppliers and continuous monitoring and assessment of their performance. To steer these suppliers to continuous improvement by setting specific objectives for individual suppliers. To require from the suppliers, in accordance with the philosophy based on development of partnership cooperation, a responsible approach not only to quality but also to the protection of the environment and compliance with the occupational health and safety rules (OHS).


To support, through the HR policy, the professional growth of the employees who are one of the key resources of all internal company processes. By efficient stimulation with the help of employee benefits and remuneration elements to boost employees’ motivation to more efficient work performance and thus deepen their loyalty and solidarity with the company. The goal is employees who are loyal to the company, professional in their field, properly motivated to give the best possible performance not only in the area of quality but also protection of the environment and responsibility for the health and safety at work and during activities associated with the management of persons by UniControls a.s.


To promote flexible technical solutions, with emphasis on the safety of new products and their use at the customer in accordance with the set technical standards and legislative requirements, into new perspective fields. To increase the quality of the resulting product by efficient project management and competitive and efficient development.


To carry out radical improvements within the area of internal communication aimed at directedness, purposefulness and efficiency. By efficient communication to ensure systematic interconnection of the quality, environment and occupational health and safety areas to the state administration and local self-government authorities and medical institutions.

Company management

The company management and all employees in managerial functions are responsible for introduction, promoting and compliance with principles of this Integrated Management System Policy in the company’s organisational units managed by them. The company management commits to steer the employees as well as the business partners to observe the OHS and environmental protection rules.

Continuous improvement

The permanent objective of the company is continuous improvement of the technical level and quality of the

products and production processes while at the same time fulfilling the OHS and environmental protection

requirements. To improve the company environmental profile through continuous reduction of negative

environmental impacts resulting from the activities and products in ordinary and extraordinary conditions.

To prevent occupational injuries and diseases by continuous and qualified searching and evaluating

of risks potentially threatening human life and health.