UniControls organised a seminar on Innovative Technologies of Railway Traffic Control

As part of the beginning cooperation between UniControls and Russian Railways, a seminar on Innovative Technologies of Railway Traffic Control was held on 1 October 2014 at this year's International Engineering Fair in Brno. The event was organised by our company in cooperation with NIIAS, a subsidiary of Russian Railways. The attendees included representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Prague, representatives of Russian companies operating within the Russian Railways, representatives of Oltis Group a.s., the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship CR, and others.

The individual contributions were presented in turn by Russian and Czech side, and based on the favourable reviews the audience left the seminar with a very positive impression.

We hope that this was not a one-time event and that the mutual exchange of information between the parties will continue to develop in the future, which will certainly help to refine the objectives and strategy of this promising cooperation focused on development and implementation of the latest technologies of railway traffic control. We believe that there will be many more similar meetings in the future to the joint benefit of both parties involved.