Project – Competitiveness

On the day of 30 April 2015, the project for "Acquisition of Instruments" successfully culminated within the framework of the Operational Programme Prague – Competitiveness (OPPC), which was approved in 23 January 2014 by means of the Resolution of the Prague City Assembly no. 34/17. The implementation of the project was commenced on 1 May 2014, with a duration of almost one year. 

Its total costs came to approximately 8 million CZK, of which CZK 4 987 200 came in the form of a subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) and the Capital City of Prague.
We focused the project on improving the quality of existing equipment, as well as the purchase of new equipment. For example, our company now boasts a new industrial PCB cleaning system, a new climatic chamber and a laser module for setting the automated painting facility. A part of the investment was devoted to modernising the hardware of the server, improving the quality of the measuring equipment and a new version of the program for support of the ORCAD design in the development of HW.Within the framework of the OPPC project, we also acquired 9 new instruments which shall help improve the quality of production of our products.