UniControls supports REMOBIL not-for-profit project

Being a socially responsible company, UniControls decided to support the REMOBIL project. The aims of the scheme are to protect the environment, contribute to the activities of the Jedlička Institute and Schools, and provide work for disabled people.

For the period of two months, a collection box on the firm's premises encouraged employees to recycle any unwanted mobile phones and accessories. Once these had been amassed, the collection was handed over to companies responsible for subsequently dismantling and processing the devices, these firms providing employment for disabled and disadvantaged individuals. Furthermore, each mobile phone donated also generated CZK 10 for the Jedlička Institute and Schools. Finally, it should be emphasized that recycling old mobile phones helps curtail the use of non-renewable resources, while also reducing release of harmful emissions into the air and diminishing contamination of drinking water.

The not-for-profit organization behind the project is RETELA, whose main purpose is to protect the environment and people's health by facilitating an efficient system for collecting and recycling electronic waste.