This year, UniControls celebrates the delivery of the 5000th TCN Gateway

UniControls is celebrating the 5000th TCN (Train Communications Network) Gateway, which is used as the main communications node on trains, locomotives, coaches and metro cars in France, Finland, Italy, Austria, China, Turkey, India, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even in Ghana and in many other countries.

The TCN gateway is a device that ensures the interoperability of electronic systems between rolling stock of different manufacturers. Interoperability includes the function of inauguration, i.e. mutual recognition of all the systems of the current train configuration. Inauguration takes place automatically each time coupling/decoupling of the train is performed, allowing for the co-operation of individual train vehicles without the need for personnel intervention. Consequently, the traction control, door control, air conditioning, audiovisual information system and optional reservation system or camera system are operated automatically. Standardization of inter-vehicle communication was completed at international level in 2005 with the issuance of the 4th Edition of UIC 556. In the same year, UniControls introduced the TCN Gateway, a device homologated according to UIC 556.

“More than ten years of experience and ongoing customer interest from renowned rail vehicle manufacturers such as Alstom, CAF, CRRC and others is proof of the undeniable maturity of this technology," says Antonín Felber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of UniControls a.s.