UniControls participated in the European research and development project Roll2Rail. Wireless control technology will be used in the pilot implementation of the Spanish carrier

The final conference held on 17 October 2017 in Munich, Bavaria, ended the three-year European project Roll2Rail, which focused on the development of key technologies and the overcoming of barriers to innovation in the development of rail vehicles. Within the project, UniControls a.s. was a member of the Work Group on Wireless Train Communications, which explored possible solutions of train control without requiring a physical wiring between vehicles, both within the train set and in connection with ground systems. By its know-how of train data networks and cybersecurity, UniControls has contributed to successful completion of the project finished by laboratory validation of the LTE communication. UniControls has delivered the ETBN communication node to the test environment, including implementation of algorithms for dynamic coupling of the train sets.

The project was a pilot project of the Shift2Rail initiative, bringing together the largest European carriers and manufacturers of rolling stock. Its goal is to double the capacity of the European railway system, increase reliability and comfort while reducing operational costs by half, through the development of new technologies and innovative products. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. "The project results will be further used in the pilot implementation in real train sets operated on regional lines in Spain by the Spanish carrier under the Shift2Rail initiative,” says Ing. Tomáš Tichý, who was a member of the UniControls work group.