Modernisation of the electric locomotive of the 363 / 362 ČD series

15th January 2013

On the basis of the success achieved by UniControls in the RFP-based selection process the company implemented an important project for Pars nova in 2012, consisting in the delivery of the train control and monitoring system (TCMS) for modernisation of the electric locomotive of the 363 or 362 ČD series.

One of the core modifications is, without any doubt, installation of the WTB communication, including implementation of the new ARR application (automatic speed regulation) replacing the original analogue one. Besides this, the locomotive was equipped with an information system for passengers and with a camera system. Last but not least it is worth mentioning that a wheel creep control system was designed in the follow-up to the existing regulator, including the HW and SW delivery on the basis of RIO-201. Appropriate attention should be certainly paid also to such new elements as e.g. electronic protections system, el. speedometer and diagnostic communication unit TLR-2. A part of the concerned delivery is formed of production of new or modification of the existing switchboard cabinets and control boards. This modernisation which includes many adjustments and changes not stated herein was carried out for the purpose of operating these locomotives together with the control car of the 961 series and assurance of the necessary inter-carriage communication while respecting all requirements of the operator (Czech Railways) for the so-called returnable train sets.

This part of modernisation, or the delivery of components from production of UniControls is carried out during periodical repairs in the EH range, during which the locomotive is subject, at Pars nova, among other interventions also to reconstruction or adjustment of the undercarriage part for the purpose of increasing the maximum speed from original 120 km/h to 140 km/h. The locomotives of the 363 series are newly marked after this intervention as the series “362”.

The modernisation of the first el. locomotive (or its prototype 362.056-4), including successful completion of tests on the Railway Test Circuit in Cerhenice, was completed at the end of 2012 (10 December 2012). Then the locomotive was handed over to the Brno railway depot. The second locomotive is 362.033-3, handed over to the Brno railway depot on 11 January 2013, followed by the third series locomotive 362.017-6, for which completion is planned for the beginning of February. There should be renovated altogether 8 locomotives of this series.