Integration of the camera system in the locomotives of 362 series

29th April 2013

Within debugging of the 4th series of the locomotive of 362 series on the previous days the camera system was successfully integrated in the TDD diagnostic displays at the engine driver's stands. Until that time, the existing UniControls camera systems were not integrable in the DISPL-1 display, and thus needed a separate display unit. 


The newly offered design demanded extraordinary efforts by the technical section specialists as well as by the personnel of the mobile systems department in its implementation. The efforts included the development and implementation of the new version of the DISPL-1 display and new software solution for the displaying itself and for the switching between two video inputs. The development also included the integration into UNICAP application, which enables customised automation of the camera system control, e.g. switching on the camera display from door opening on relevant side, switching off depending on the travel speed and distance, etc. This solution decreases the need of installation of other components, and minimises interference; the analogue system provides a high-quality camera image. 

Although it is not an entirely new development on the Czech and global market, Unicontrols has implemented this integration for the first time. The solution will be offered to both the existing and new customers, and we believe that it may open new business opportunities for delivery of complete systems for both reconstructed and new rail vehicles and train sets.