Amateur Theatre Festival “Krakonoš Theatre Autumn“

31st October 2013

The already 44th national festival of amateur theatre “Krakonoš Theatre Autumn“ was held on 11 - 19 October. The festival was organized by the civil association Větrov in Vysoké nad Jizerou, under the auspices of Vice Chairman of the Czech Republic´s Senate, Dr. Přemysl Sobotka, and President of the Liberec region. The winning production was nominated to the festival of amateur theatre „Jiráskův Hronov 2014“. UniControls has been a partner of the festival for many years and based on recommendations of the jury we also hand over the festival´s main prize every year.


The jury is made up of theatre experts and it has been for years presided by prof. Laurin from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). The prize is an original plate especially made for the occasion by the glass artist and pedagogue Zdeněk Petr from Jesené v Podkrkonoší.The tradition of amateur theatre in Vysoké nad Jizerou is extremely long and its beginning dates back to 1786. This means that this year the theatre society “Krakonoš“ celebrated the 237th anniversary of its existence.