The UniControls company acts as an integrator of the AMS systems for the administration of the actuators, sensors and measuring instruments (e.g. from the Emerson Company).
Diagnostic software tools from the AMS Suite file enable the detection of problems with the production facilities at the plant even prior to the occurrence of an equipment failure. The AMS Suite software system, together with intelligent field devices, creates a base for the PlantWeb open network and its ability to make intelligent predictions.
Using the AMS Suite file, staff at the plant - in accordance with their responsibilities - are informed in real time concerning the status of all intelligent field devices and are therefore able to make informed choices in regard to the developments of the relevant financial indicators. The AMS Suite file always provides its users with adequate information, regardless of whether they are seeking for a mechanical or a measuring device or of whether they are operating personnel or maintenance personnel, etc. The system of predictive diagnostics communicates in real time throughout the entire plant, without any problem, via the open PlantWeb network for personal computers with the AMS Suite software. Responsible staff at the plant are kept constantly informed, through the PlantWeb structure, concerning the status and performance of the production assets, which enables them to make informed choices.
Additional information is available at www.emersonprocess.cz.